8th Graders Give Significant Gift

Last week, the 8th grade girls of Slater Torah Academy in New Orleans, LA went on their graduation trip to Florida. While there, they enjoyed many fun activities, such as segwaying, biking on the beach and going to an escape room.

For the past two years, the girls have been raising money for this trip by making and selling hot lunches, putting on bake sales, and selling yearbook ads. Through their efforts, they succeeded in raising $4,000.

When the girls began discussing their plans for utilizing the funds, their teacher, Mrs. Mushka Kazen, brought up the idea of giving some of what they had raised to Chai Lifeline.

Chai Lifeline is an organization that provides support to those who are battling cancer. In addition to helping the individual who is sick, they make programs for the siblings and support groups for the parents of those struggling.

On the second day of the trip, the girls went to the Chai Lifeline office in Florida where they got to meet director and staff of the Southeast division. While there, the students presented them with a check for $500.

The director took them on a tour of the office, showing them closets full of toys that are sent out to families helped by Chai Lifeline. She spoke to them about some of the programs they provide, including a camp for children with illnesses or needs that prevent them from going to a regular camp.

The girls described this experience as a highlight of their trip. It is a special feeling one gets when donating a large sum of money earned through months of hard work; the joy of seeing the amazing work of the recipient is indescribable.

Slater Torah Academy is having a 36 hour campaign to allow more Jewish children in New Orleans to receive a Jewish education. Visit torahacademynola.donorzen.com to donate today.

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