8:00 PM: Beis Nissan Farbrengen

Join Live at 8:00 PM EST:  Beis Medrash L’Shluchim will be hosting a virtual Beis Nissan farbrengen for all Anash with Rabbi Sholom Avtzon who will tell stories and highlights from the life of the Rebbe Rashab.

Beis Medrash L’Shluchim will be hosting an online farbrengen in honor of Beis Nissan the 100th yarzeit of the Rebbe Rashab.

The farbrengen will be led by Rabbi Sholom Avtzon, renowned author of a series of the Rebbeim and books on famous chassidim. Rabbi Avtzon is currently working on a book about the life of the Rebbe Rashab.

This Farbrengen will be open for all anash to join by going to VIDEO.MERKOS302.COM/2NISSANAny questions for Rabbi Avtzon can be sent to [email protected]

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