8 Sivan: Wedding in Lubavitch

By Anash.org Staff

On this day in 5632/1872 the wedding of Devorah Leah, daughter of the Rebbe Maharash, to Moshe Leib Ginzberg, son of Reb Avrohom Zalman Ginzberg of Vitebsk, took place in Lubavitch. That year 8 Sivan fell on a Friday. In those times it was quite common, for several reasons, for Jewish weddings to take place on a Friday.

The Rebbe Maharash personally sent handwritten invitations to several chassidim. During the wedding meal and subsequent days of sheva brochos, the Rebbe Maharash said no less than six maamorim.

After the wedding, the couple moved to Vitebsk, where they lived until the end of their lives. Reb Moshe Leib passed away on the first day of Sukkos 5695/1934. In Sefer HaSichos 5696 the Frierdiker Rebbe remembers his visit to Vitebsk and to his uncle Reb Zalman Aron (Raza) and family and his aunt Devorah Leah and family, both of whom lived in Vitebsk.

Rebbetzin Devorah Leah Ginzberg
Reb Moshe Leib Ginzberg
Matzeiva of Reb Moshe Leib in Malachavka cemetery

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