8 Boys Celebrate with Bar Mitzvah Parade

Eight 13-year-old boys celebrated their Bar Mitzvah with a parade of convertibles and a music truck through the streets of Crown Heights.

By Anash.org reporter

Eight 13 year old boys from Crown Heights found a unique way to celebrate their Bar Mitzvah with their friends while keeping to social distancing.

Yoni Benabou, Mendel Biton, Chaim Brummel, Shmuel Simcha
Chein, Moshe Litvack, Mendel Steigman, Avraham Chaim Kozlovsky
and Levi Zvulunov all turned 13 in the past weeks and had grand Bar Mitzvah parties planned. When the pandemic arrived, however, all plans were canceled.

Instead of giving up on the celebration, their parents came up with a way they could celebrate their special day with their friends and classmates while staying safe.

On Tuesday, Lag B’Omer, a parade of convertibles carrying the Bar Mitzvah boys was led through the Crown Heights streets by a music truck, stopping by each of the boys’ friends houses.

By each of the stops, the boys celebrated for a short while with their classmates, giving them a celebration that they will never forget.

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