770 Yeshiva Announces Winner of $30,000 Prize

The winner of the 770 Yeshiva Campaign’s grand prize of $30,000 has been drawn, and Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi has a message for all those who participated.

Thousands of individuals opened up their hearts and joined together in support of the 770 Yeshiva as they reopened their doors for the first time since the historic closure a few months ago.

Thanks to the support of Anash around the world, the 770 Yeshiva was able to raise vital funds to ensure that the Bochurim can, once again, daven and learn in the Rebbe’s daled amos.

The winner of the $30,000 prize has been drawn:

Congratulations to: Shmuel Wachtel from Hollywood Florida!

A Bochur’s time in between yeshiva and marriage is an extremely valuable time as they take all that they have learned in their many years of Yeshiva and strengthen their foundation upon which they will build their homes and families. The 770 Yeshiva is there for these bochurim providing them with structure, guidance and instruction as they navigate this critical period of their lives.

Thanks to the participants of the 770 Yeshiva Campaign, we can now continue to provide this valuable experience to our Bochurim.

May we all merit to celebrate, once again, in Beis Rabeinu, with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu – Now!

Many thanks to all who participated in the raffle,

Reb Shlomo Zarchi

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