770 Yeshiva – Back and Stronger Than Ever

Photo: Naftoli Marasow

A few months ago, 770 closed for the first time in its history, and its Beis Medrash became strangely silent. Now, the 770 Yeshiva has reopened its doors and is turning to the community to open their hearts in support of the important work that the Yeshiva does every single day.

Photo: Naftoli Marasow

The familiar hum that embraces you as you enter 770 is the beautiful tune of the learning and davening of the bochurim who spend their days there. Giving structure and guidance to bachurim at a critical point in their life, the 770 Yeshiva plays a crucial role in our education system. 

The precious years spent learning and in farbrengens within the Rebbe’s Daled Amos accompany the bochurim throughout their lives and guide them on their respective journeys.

A few months ago, 770 closed its doors for the first time since it was initially opened. 

The beis medrash was strangely empty and the shul was eerily silent.

Now, Baruch Hashem, the doors have reopened and the staff and bochurim are returning with a renewed vigor and dedication.

Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi, Mashpia of the 770 Yeshiva relates:

“We went through, the past few months, some hard times..there was never before a matzav like this. Now, we all want and hope that 770 should open, that the Bochurim should learn, and that the Kol HaTorah should be heard all over.

We are now turning to the community to open their hearts in support of the Yeshiva so that we can embark on this new beginning with strength and stability.”

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