7:00 PM: Live Online Kinus Torah for Zal Bochurim

Join Live at 7:00 pm: A virtual Kinus Torah for Zal bochurim featuring bochurim from 7 Chabad yeshivos. 

In accordance with the Rebbe’s wishes, an online Kinus Torah will be held Sunday evening for Mesivta Bochurim from Lubvitch yeshivos worldwide.

Speaking will be Mendel Hershkop from Postville Zal, Baruch Shalom Kalmenson from Toronto Zal, Mendel Wolffrom Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad – Los Angeles, Mendel Ganzburg from Chovivei Torah, Zalman Jaffe from Brunoy Zal, Mendel Laine from Oholei Torah and Mendel Goldman from Morristown Zal.

The Kinus Torah is being arranged by Igud Yeshivos.

Click here to join the Kinus Torah, or call in at number 929-281-6000.

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