700 Bochurim Take First Halikut Test

An overwhelming 700 bochurim from across 22 American Yeshivos took the first test in the Halikut program, in which bochurim learn and memorize a full volume of Likkutei Sichos.

An overwhelming 700 bochurim from across 22 American Yeshivas took the first Halikut test this Sunday.

Now in its sixth year, Halikut has raised the bar for Likkutei Sichos learning among thousands of Bochurim, through its intense learning regimen and scrutinizing tests.

The Halikut tests, famous for their complexity and precise wording, pass the scrutiny of a team of writers and editors who are well-versed in these sichos, with the goal of producing a product worthy of its name.

Unique in its learning regimen, Halikut is styled for the participants to come out knowing the full sefer virtually by heart, at the end of the four months taking a scrutinizing test on all of the material.

Halikut is a project of Vaad Hatmimim led with dedication by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Altein, together with Halikut’s organizer Mendel Gopin.

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