YU Students Experience Shabbos in Lubavitch

Photos: Berel Meyers/Anash.org

70 students from Yeshiva University enjoyed an uplifting Shabbos in Crown Heights together with their Oholei Torah chavrusas.

By Anash.org reporter
Photos: Berel Meyers/Anash.org

70 students from Yeshiva University enjoyed an inspiring Shabbos in Crown Heights together with their Oholei Torah chavrusas over farbrengens, meals, a grand Melava Malka, and a visit to 770.

Crown Heights never takes a break. Between the Kinus HaShluchos the week before, and CTeen’s Shabbaton this coming Shabbos, the Crown Heights community hosted ChabadYU’s annual Shabbaton.

On Friday, a bus packed with nearly 70 students from Yeshiva University arrived in front of Oholei Torah for the beginning of the annual Oholei Torah-Yeshiva University Shabbaton.

Many of the participants are members of ChabadYU and attend the Thursday night “Chassidus and Sushi” program, which attracts around 50 YU students weekly to study Chassidus together 30 Bochurim from Oholei Torah, in a beautiful display of unity.

The Shabbaton did, however, draw a broader audience.

After the students enjoyed Erev Shabbos Farbeisen, Rabbi Yoni Katz kicked off programming with a tour of 770, giving students a glimpse of its rich history and its everlasting vibrancy. For some, this was the first time they had ever been inside 770.

After the tour, all participants moved on to the main Shul in 770 to daven Mincha.

After this packed program, students scrambled to meet their hosts, among fifteen Crown Heights families who generously opened their homes and hearts to make the Shabbaton possible.

Meeting back together at Oholei Torah, the students and bochurim began Shabbos with a soul-stirring Seder Niggunim. After a short speech given by Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum of Tzivos Hashem, everyone moved to 770 for Kabbalas Shabbos in the Rebbe’s Room.

Following Kabollas Shabbos, the students made their way to their Friday-night meals with their gracious hosts, followed by electrifying farbrengens deep into the night.

On Shabbos morning, the group studied Chassidus together with Rabbi Zalmen Vilenkin of Oholei Torah, followed by davening in the Oholei Torah Zal with “Reb Michoel’s Minyan”.

After davening everyone came together for a grand Shabbos lunch punctuated by lively singing and Divrei Torah from Oholei Torah and YU students.

Following seudas Shabbos, some students took the opportunity to learn in the Oholei Torah Zal, or tour Crown Heights, while others stayed in Oholei Torah to Farbreng with the Bochurim.

Shalosh Seudos occurred at the Rubashkin Residence, led by Rabbi Ephraim Mintz. Our host Rabbi Moshe Rubashkin shared warm words with the students.

The Shabbaton concluded with a Melaveh Malkah Banquet, featuring Brooklyn based music producer ‘Levyticus’.

The Melaveh Malkah ended with lively dancing, and as the YU students boarded the buses to return to YU.

YU students offered overwhelmingly positive feedback, ecstatically discussing how much they enjoyed the Shabbaton, which is making a buzz on campus. Some students reported that the Shabbaton gave them a much more complex and positive view of Chabad than they had previously had. For others, it only reinforced positive feelings. For another, it highlighted just how unique Chabad’s Derech in Avodah is.

The Shabbaton’s coordinators, Mendel Kotlarky, Meir Levine, Levi Katz, Avremal Silberberg, and Elisha Pearl would like to thank all of our generous donors and hosts for making the Shabbaton possible. Thank you as well to Tzach and Oholei Torah.

ChabadYU is a grassroots project, thus in order to help keep our weekly “Chassidus and Sushi” program going, as well as other upcoming events, such as ChabadYU’s Ohel trip, please support the ChabadYU in its vital work at Yeshiva University.

Single week sponsorships (with an option for dedications) are available.

To donate log onto https://thechesedfund.com/yushabbaton/ot every dollar matters!

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