70 Strong for 70 Years

In anticipation of the 70 year jubilee to the Rebbe’s leadership this upcoming Yud Shevat, Chabad communities around the world will be uniting through unique initiatives, preparing to mark this day with personal, powerful action.

More than 250 Lubavitch communities around the world will celebrate 70 years of the Rebbe’s leadership this coming Yud Shevat marking a new era as we enter the decade of ״אם בגבורות שמונים שנה״ – enhanced spiritual strength to fulfill the Rebbe’s mission.

In anticipation of this major milestone, Vaad Or Vechom is launching a global campaign to promote communal learning of the Rebbe’s Torah and provide practical ways to bring Yidden closer to the Rebbe’s values enhancing their observance of Torah & Mitzvos and more.

The initiative is coordinating a worldwide chalukah of all of the Rebbe’s published Torah. In each community, participants will gather together and study “k’ish echad b’lev echad” to achieve this unprecedented goal.

“Gathering with the entire community to learn the Rebbe’s Torah together was the best thing we ever did to prepare for a special day,” said Rabbi Boruch Hertz who organized a similar program last year leading up to Gimmel Tammuz.

The campaign also includes a wide-array of cutting-edge online resources and printed material to help Anash reach out to fellow yidden in their respective cities with Torah, Mitzvos and Ahavas Yisroel. Following the Rebbe’s call during the year of 5711 that every chossid bring ten Yidden closer to yiddishkeit, and the values of chassidus, each community will be focusing on one or two Mivtzoim. Using the resources available from the campaign, they’ll reach out to every Jew in their area. By each community reaching a local goal, we will ultimately reach the collective goal of impacting (at least) 70,000 Yidden worldwide.

“We have seen that when we focus as a community on something specific and encourage each other to achieve it, it yields the greatest success,” said Rabbi Levi Azimov, who has overseen the distribution of 3,500 menorahs this Chanukah, half of which were given out by members of Anash.

In addition, ‘Seventy Years Strong’ has designed a first-of-its-kind website that will enable each community to track and showcase their progress, and learn from other communities, as well. The website is scheduled to launch on 10 Teves (30 days before Yud Shevat),

“This campaign is very exciting because it empowers each community to rededicate itself to learning directly from the Rebbe and bringing people in our surroundings closer to the Rebbe’s message. If we work together, the impact will be more powerful for each of us,” said Mendel Shemtov, project director.

For more information about the campaign and how your community can take part in it, as well as access to resources, visit www.70strong.world, or email [email protected].

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