4-Day Warehouse Sale Offers Unreal Seforim Deals

Besides the annual Hei Teves sale at SeforimDeals.com, site owners will be opening their Crown Heights warehouse for a once-a-year sale to mark the ‘Yom Tov of the Seforim’. A free gift will be given to Anash.org readers.

Lubavitchers across the globe are preparing for Hei Teves with the purchase of seforim and Jewish books as per the Rebbe’s request, especially during Shnas Hakhel.

Throughout the year, SeforimDeals.com is the ideal online seforim store for Anash and Shluchim. In honor of Hey Teves, in addition to having a major online sale, they will be opening their warehouse to the public.

“The warehouse sale will be featuring exclusive deals, some as cheap as $4 or $5” Shlomo Goldman, owner of SeforimDeals.com, told Anash.org. “There will also be special deals on sets and closeouts.”

In an exclusive deal for Anash.org readers, Seforim Deals will be giving a free gift during the sale without any purchase with the mention of Anash.org, while supplies last. (Terms and conditions apply)

“Our warehouse sale provides something for everyone. We have seforim, books, sets, children’s books, cookbooks, basically whatever Jewish books you need,” Goldman shared. “Due to the great demand, we are extending it to 4 days, instead of the usual two.”

The warehouse sale is located on top of Empire Kosher, at 527 Empire Blvd (entrance on the left of the supermarket). It will be open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday (4, 5, and 8 Teves) from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and on Friday, 6 Teves – Dec. 30th, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Although many items at the warehouse will have exclusive prices, an online sale will be available until Tuesday for those out of town. Online buyers will receive a free gift with every purchase over $99.

Steep discounts are also being offered now through Tuesday at SeforimDeals.com. If you’re local, however, make sure not to miss the warehouse sale, as it will feature amazing offers and discounts not available online.

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