39 Additional Plasma Donors Travel to New Jersey

39 Lubavitcher men and women formed the second group of Crown Heights plasma donors. They traveled to the New York Blood Center in New Brunswick, NJ to donate.

By Anash.org reporter

39 Lubavitcher men and women from the Crown Heights community traveled to New Brunswick, NJ on Wednesday, to donate plasma which may help coronavirus patients.

The group, the second in two days, traveled to the branch of New York Blood Center in New Brunswick, NJ, over an hour travel from Crown Heights.

Both groups had been tested last week at the antibody testing drive last week in Oholei Torah, and had been informed that they were eligible to donate. Their plasma is hoped to save the lives of those infected with the coronavirus. More groups are expected in the coming days.

Nearly 1,000 Crown Heights community residents turned out last week Tuesday for the plasma testing drive. Organizers called the event a great success and an amazing Kiddush Hashem.

People who have recovered from Covid-19 typically have varying levels of antibodies in their circulatory system and their blood can potentially be used in the treatment of those still sick with the virus.

The drive was organized by Crown Medical PC, The Gedaliah Society, Hatzalah of Crown Heights, Kamin Health and Lakewood Bikur Cholim, in partnership with the Mayo Clinic.

The Covid-19 IGG antibody testing in Crown Heights took place alongside many similar drives done in Jewish communities across the country, and was held in loving memory of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy and R’ Avrohom Aharon Rubashkin, both of whom succumbed to the virus.

It’s important to keep in mind that medical professionals have stressed that the presence of antibodies in one’s blood does not necessarily imply immunity from the disease, and all social distancing guidelines must still be followed.

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