250 Oholei Torah Teachers and Staff Recognized

For close to 10 years, philanthropist and real estate developer Yoseph Yitzchak Popack and his wife Batsheva of Lawrence, NY,  have recognized and given support to the Rebbeim and Morahs of Oholei Torah during the Chanukah season.  

“It is my zechus and great privilege to give support to strengthen the morale of these most dedicated teachers” said Mr. Popack, “they put in the work day in and day out and are always giving it their best effort. They deserve to be properly appreciated”

Oholei Torah is proud of our many incredibly talented and dedicated teachers, and we are grateful to be able to reward them for their efforts thanks to the generosity of the Popack family. Reb Yosef Yitzchak and Batsheva have been generously supporting Oholei Torah in a host of other ways for years as well; may Hashem bless them and their family with only brocho and simcha and mazal. 

R’ Shloime and Mirele Greenwald, young parents and friends of Oholei Torah, joined the teacher appreciation effort this year. They chose to honor and support the Rebbeim of Oholei Torah Mesivta. R’ Shloime understands the importance of recognizing and supporting the integral role Rabbeim play in the future of our children and our community. 

Members of the board of directors also joined the project, sponsoring the Beis Medrash and administrative divisions.

Rabbi Sholom Rosenfeld, director, who coordinated this yearly show of appreciation thanked the sponsors and expressed how proud he is of the dedicated staff. “As much as we do, they deserve much more, and we hope in the future others will join in such projects that benefit and show support to the heroes of our mossad” he said. 

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