24 Hours of Megillah, Tefillin and Farbrenging in Tel Aviv

The coronavirus couldn’t stop them. Chabad bochurim and young men ‘captured’ the famous Dizengoff Center and the entire city of Tel Aviv over Purim.

Students of the ‘Chazon Eliyahu’ Yeshiva, under the leadership of Rabbi Yosef Gerlitzky, head shliach and rov of the Chabad community of Tel Aviv, transformed the city of Tel Aviv during the 24 hours of Purim holiday.

Under the banner ‘non-stop Megillah’ the Yeshiva bochurim and Kollel yungerleit, together with the shliach to the hospital Rabbi Tal Gumberg, visited the Ichilov Hospital and the Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital Dana Medical Homes to bring the joy of Purim to those that were hospitalized.

The bochurim also visited police stations, fire stations, public parks, residential homes, shopping centers and more, and also read Megillah for people under quarantine and brought them shaloch manos.

The highlight of the Purim mivtzoim is undoubtedly the ‘Megillah Center’ at the Dizengoff Center intersection – the central and busiest intersection of Tel Aviv. At the four corners of the intersection bochurim stood by stands with tefillin and the Purim mitzvos, helping thousands of passersby fulfill the mitzvos.

Menahel of the Yeshiva Rabbi Levi Wolf, together with his sons, read the Megillah every hour on Purim night until midnight and on Purim from morning until sunset, transforming the central junction to a big Purim party complete with clowns, dancing and a huge blow-up dolls.

Before sunset, dozens of Yeshiva students, graduates and community members gathered for the Purim seudah, which draws young Tel Aviv, mekuravim and graduates from far and near.

The seudah soon became a lively farbrengen with the host Rabbi Meir Schmerling, who spoke at length about Purim and the mission the yom tov charges us with.

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