230 Halikut Finalists Take Test

Photos: Menush Amit/Anash.org

Halikut Siyum Gallery 1: Over 230 bochurim from around the world qualified to take part in the final Halikut test, as part of the grand Siyum the day after Yud Shevat.

By Anash.org reporter
Photos: Menush Amit/Anash.org

Over three months of intense learning culminated in a grand siyum this past Thursday. The siyum began with the final Halikut test on a full volume of Likkutei Sichos, a total of 292 pages.

Over 230 bochurim in yeshivos around the USA and Canada passed the previous three tests and were invited to take part in this fourth, and final test, competing to win the top prize – all of the Rebbe’s seforim in Kehos.

Halikut is a program of Vaad Hatmimim under the direction of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Altein.

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