2,000 Book Library is Oholei Torah’s Newest Addition

Thousands of books of chassidishe stories and Chabad history now grace the shelves of the all-new Oholei Torah Tzivos Hashem library, and children can be found borrowing books or reading them in the library during every break.

By Anash.org reporter

One hundred books is a respectable collection. One thousands books is sizable. Two thousand is incredible.

A new library for chassidishe stories and Chabad history in Oholei Torah school in Crown Heights with over 2,000 books has opened for the benefit of the students and staff, to offer quality reading material for their free time.

The importance of chassidishe stories is spoken about extensively in the sichos of the Firerdiker Rebbe and the Rebbe’s Igros Kodesh. The Rebbe consistently encouraged chassidim to write and publish their memoirs and stories they heard from previous generations of chassidim.

Thankfully, the recent years have seen tens of such titles printed, greatly expanding the reading options for chassidishe children and families. All that was left for Oholei Torah to do was to find a donor, build the bookshelves, and fill the shelves with the hundreds of titles.

Oholei Torah Base Commander Rabbi Mendel Levin told Anash.org that even though the library is not yet officially open, it is packed every day with children taking out book to read in the reading room.

Titles in Hebrew, English and Yiddish fill the library, located in the third floor shul -The Katz Beis Medrash in the Oholei Torah building. Students can come during breaks to read in the shul/reading room, or they can give a small deposit and borrow the books to read at home.

“The library was supposed to open on Yud Shvat, to mark the 70th year of the Rebbe’s nesius, but for technical reasons it was pushed off until now,” Rabbi Levin told Anash.org. “Baruch Hashem, it was finally built, and 2,000 books were purchased, bound and cataloged, making a impressive library for the benefit of the entire student body and the teachers as well.”

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