20 Kallahs Still Need Your Help

25 hours in, and Ten Yad’s match campaign has raised over $50,000, helping 20 new brides reach the chuppah with dignity!

As wedding season approaches, more and more families are approaching Ten Yad to ask for help with their daughters’ weddings. In response to the growing need, they are asking the community to step up and take part in their 48hr No Kallah Left Behind campaign.

The campaign has just passed the half-way mark, with 20 Kallahs guaranteed to receive Ten Yad’s full support. But there are still 20 more waiting.

Please do your part to make sure 40 Kallahs make it to the chuppah with dignity this wedding season.


Until Wednesday at 12pm, every donation to Ten Yad gets DOUBLED thanks to our generous matchers. Join the campaign by giving what you can, and receive your share in this awe-inspiring mitzvah of Hachnosos Kallah.

Do your part TODAY:


May Hashem repay all donors with abundant brochos in all areas, especially those rewards associated with the special mitzvah of Hachnosos Kallah: Shidduchim, healing, long life and Divine inspiration!

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