15,000 Unite for Pre-Gimmel Tammuz ‘Family Farbrengen’

A crowd of 15,000 came from around the country to participate in a pre-Gimmel Tammuz event at the Pais Arena Jerusalem.

The program, which was aired globally through a live video feed, featured videos of the Rebbe, speakers, and nigunim being sung from the stage while the audience sang along.

The mega-farbrengen was coordinated by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Aharonov, chairman of Tzach in Israel. One of the highlights of the evening was a video presentation during which 3 individuals shared powerful stories they experienced with the Rebbe. Following each video, the individual sharing his story came on stage to address the crowd.

The atmosphere in the room was emotionally charged as the participants watched a live reading of a Pan Kloli at the Rebbe’s ohel. Before the program’s end, everyone present was urged to channel inspiration into action by taking on hachlatos tovos.

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