1,200 Tested on Tanya

Over 1,200 yungeleit and bochurim from non-Chabad yeshivos and kollelim are being tested on the entire Tanya.

Photos: Yisroel Blizovsky

Two groups of 600 students each from across Eretz Yisroel took the halfway-point test in Tanya at three different locations. The test, organized by the Lev Loda’as–Tiferes Shimshon Chassidus study program, are for talmidei haYeshivos of all stripes, and was on the first 25 perokim of Tanya. The next grand test will take place in the month of Av on the second half on perokim 26-53.

In Bnei Brak, a pre-shiur review was delivered by Rabbi Efraim Dmichovsky, mashpia in Tomchei Tmimim Kfar Chabad. The test was followed by a farbrengen with the mashpia Reb Mendel Vechter.

Registration for the Tanya study program, under the directorship of Rabbi Meir Eliani, began in Elul of last year through representatives in a variety of yeshivos and kollelim throughout Eretz Yisroel. Some 1500 bochurim and yungeleit signed up to take part in the learning program, most of them with almost no background in chassidic learning and many of them from non–chassidic yeshivos and kolelim.

Every student that signs up receives a set of “Tanya Mevuar” as well as a personal bank card where he receives the award money if he achieves the required grades on his tests. Study material is provided throughout the winter learning z’man, as well as review courses to make sure that the talmid is grasping the new concepts properly.

A telephone assistance line, manned by qualified mashpi’im, was set up for questions and difficulties in the learning material that the participants may encounter. Questions and mind twisters are circulated monthly to encourage delving deeper into the study material and prizes are awarded to those that answer them.

Rabbi Moshe Shilat, Director of Toras Chabad L’Bnei HaYeshivos, points out that the Lev LoDa’as organization has the great zechus to teach Tanya in depth to upwards of 1000 talmidim every year. “We keep in touch with those talmidim that have already ‘graduated’ the first chelek of Tanya program and encourage them to continue delving deeper into the study of Chassidus.”

“This program has BH brought about real and fundamental change within talmidei hayeshivos and yungeleit in kolel,” Rabbi Shilat adds.The finest of the yeshiva world takes part in our study program and receives the life-changing guidance that Chassidus provides.”

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