12 Hours, 15 Institutions, One Day for the Rebbe

To mark Gimmel Tammuz, 15 central Chabad institutions will be collaborating on ‘A Day for the Rebbe’, twelve hours straight of programs, each geared towards a different demographic. 

For the day of Gimmel Tammuz, fifteen mosdos are presenting: A Day for the Rebbe. A wonderful opportunity to both celebrate the impact the Rebbe has on our lives, and to discover new inspiration and guidance from his timely teachings.

Every hour, on the hour, there will be a program geared for a unique demographic. A continuous stream of lectures, discussions, and testimonials in multiple languages, sure to reach any and every Jew, in a topic and area that they can appreciate.

These individual sessions are overflowing with acclaimed speakers and lecturers, famous personalities, special video presentations, and personal testimonials. 

In addition, there is a special section on the website with recordings of powerful, inspirational, and some truly unique Gimmel Tammuz events from Chabad House communities around the world.

10:00 AM ET: Sparks of wisdom A session in Spanish delving into the Rebbe’s insight into many areas of our day to day lives. A project of Merkos 302 Espanol.

11:00 AM ET: The Rebbe and Russian Jewry A roundtable discussion covering the Rebbe’s far-reaching and continued influence on Russian Jewry with Rabbis Berel Lazar, Mr. Levi Levayev, Rabbi Hilel Zlatzman and other Rabbis and RSJ leaders. This program will be in Russian. A project of Chamah.

12:00 PM ET: The Rebbe and Children A fascinating video of interactions and talks between the Rebbe and kids. As well as practical Mitzvahs, and a game. A project of Ckids.

12:30 PM ET: The Rebbe and Torah Rabbis and congregants across the country discuss the Rebbe’s passion for learning and the significance it plays in their lives. Presented by Rabbis Moshe Rapaport and Raleigh Resnick.  A project of Jnet.

1:00 PM ET: Social Vision “Social Vision: The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Transformative Paradigm for the World” is a recent scholarly work, co-written by Philip Wexler, Michael Wexler, and Eli Rubin. It explores the social ideas and activism of the Rebbe. A fascinating discussion with Tali Lowenthal, Ariel E. Mayse, and Eli Rubin, on the ideas behind the book and how best to implement them. A project of Chabad on Campus.

2:00 PM ET: The Rebbe’s Teachings: A Unique Approach to Torah Study The Lubavitcher Rebbe is known for his leadership of the Chabad movement, his love for every Jew, and his army of emissaries. Within it all, there runs a single, unifying thread: a singular devotion to – and unique understanding of – the Torah. Presented by Rabbi Menachem Feldman. A project of Chabad.org

3:00 PM ET: Unique video presentation Take a journey through some of the most memorable moments of the Rebbe caught on video. A project of JEM.

4:00 PM ET: A Life with the Meaning An honest and thought-provoking conversation about Moshiach, exploring the psychology of living life with a purpose but more importantly understanding the relevance and necessity of that purpose. Presented by Rabbi Sender Geizinky and Dr. Robert J. Hedaya. A project of the Moshiach Campaign.

5:00 PM ET: Portraits of a Leader Video Collection: A Tribute to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. A two-hour presentation, featuring: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Dr. Shmuel Klatzkin, Mrs. Mary Cramer, Dr. Les Rosenthal, Roni Milo, Professor Ari L. Goldman, Mr. George Rohr, and more. A project of JLI.

6:00 PM ET: Jewish Leadership: Explore the Rebbe’s message of leadership through the lens of his talks. Hear from contemporary Jewish leaders about how they drew inspiration and guidance from the Rebbe, and watch personal testimonials of congregants who have transformed into leaders of their own. With messages from Rabbis Mendel Kaplan and Sholom Ber Lipskar, along with Isaac Herzog. A project of Mitzvah Society.

7:00 PM ET: Women’s Torah Study Women from all walks of life, will share words of inspiration, wisdom, and practical lessons based upon the teachings of the Rebbe. A project of Rosh Chodesh Society.

8:00 PM ET: 26 Voices of Youth Listen to the energized and empowered voices of 26 teens. With a youthful spirit, they will discuss what the Rebbe means to them as teenagers, how they will continue the Rebbe’s legacy, and how their lives were impacted by the Rebbe.  A project of Cteen.

8:00 PM ET: A Tribute in Hebrew A virtual event in Hebrew marking the 26th Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe. With speakers including Rabbi Nechemia Wilhelm – Bangkok, Thailand, Mr. Danni Danon – Israeli Ambassador to the UN, and a message from Mr. Reuven Rivlin – President of Israel. A project of North American Chabad Israeli Centers.

9:00 PM ET: My Grandfather and the Rebbe Reflections on the insight and life lessons gleaned by Rabbi Leibel Groner, in his over 25 years of serving as the Rebbe’s secretary. As well as personal stories on the impact the Rebbe had on CYP Rabbis from around the world. Presented by Rabbi Motti Groner. A project of CYP.

9:00 PM ET: Rebels With a Cause A dynamic presentation on the Rebbe’s vision for the youth, and why the Rebbe needs you.  Presented by Rabbi Dov Yonah Korn and Rebbetzin Rivkah Slonim.  A project of Chabad on Campus.

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