Lubavitcher Filmmaker Launches New Podcast

Lubavitch Filmmaker Bentzi Avtzon launches new podcast called”Homesick for Lubavitch,” to probe what the Lubavitch identity means to people nowadays.

Over the past couple months, Lubavitch filmmaker Bentzi Avtzon has been interviewing other Lubavitchers as part of his new project, “Homesick for Lubavitch: A Podcast.” The podcast explores what the Lubavitch identity means to people nowadays.

Exploring the question of Lubavitch identity in the year 5753, the podcast features conversations with people of all kinds of occupations, age and even affiliation.

One episode features a conversation with a shliach. A second episode hosts a powerlifter. A third episode speaks to a captain in the United States Air Force.

“The goal of the podcast is to get a better handle on what people are thinking about their Lubavitch identity today,” Avtzon explains, “and there is no better way to find that out than to sit down and actually speak to them.”

In the first episode, Bentzi’s guest is Rabbi Yossi Nemes, a shliach for over thirty years in Metairie, Louisiana. They discuss the question of Lubavitch identity back in the ’80s; how it was asked back then and how it would compare to the question being asked today.

“Many of the episodes will be with people from a later generation asking this question from a very different place,” Avtzon says, “but knowing this question has been asked before is a great way to frame this conversation.”

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