Pittsburgh, PA: A Home Among the Hills

Our Communities: Located in the aptly named Squirrel Hill neighborhood, the anash community of Pittsburgh combines wholesome yiddishe values with a fun-and-loving family vibe.

The Dream That Turned Over a City

Stories from the Longest Zoom: Two sisters from Plano, TX wanted to attend the CTeen shabaton. Their parents said absolutely not, then suddenly changed their minds. Their explanation left the girls -and their shluchim – stunned.

Evil Is No Laughing Matter

The N’shei Oldies Collection: Horrified by a film critic’s description of a ‘funny’ but violent movie, Mrs. Chaya Sarah Silberberg of Detroit, MI, reflects on the harm in turning evil into a cause for laughs.

Hillside: New Jersey’s Hidden Gem

Our Communities: With its quiet suburban ambiance, lush greenery, cheap housing and close proximity to everything New York, Hillside, NJ is ‘one of the tri-state area’s best kept secrets,’ locals say.

Children Need Their Mother

The N’shei Oldies Collection: Is there such a thing as a ‘Super Shlucha’? Is it really possible for one woman to do it all? One shlucha’s reality check has a strong message for mothers of today’s generation.

I Am the Canary, Hear My Cry

Op-ed: “It’s times like these when the inner makeup of a person is revealed,” writes Long Island shliach Rabbi Boruch Wolf. “When the mask comes off, who will those around you be?”

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