The Choice to ‘Live Middle Class’

Article by Rabbi Chaim Chazan: Without us realizing, the standard of living among the frum community has risen dramatically in the past few decades. Is the comfort of a bourgeois lifestyle worth the menuchas hanefesh it costs?

Does the Rebbe Need “You”?

Article by Rabbi Chaim Chazan: At a late night farbrengen at the Ohel, I observed a heated debate between Rabbi Yossel Gourarie and Rabbi Gedalya Shemtov on dedication to the Rebbe and personal growth.

A Bike Tour Takes a Turn

When he set off to cycle the Far East, Liraz promised himself he would stay far away from Chabad, but he broke his promise and it changed his life. Years later, Rabbi Liraz Zeira was amazed to see how the seeds of his shlichus were planted by the Rebbe decades earlier.

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